About Us

We have been in Curacao since Shell began business as a refinery on the island in 1918. The presence of Shell on the island presented more than 10,000 jobs. This increased the demand for various types of businesses in order to keep up with the economic growth. That made Curacao attractive for many immigrants.

At that time the Baroud family came to Curacao from Lebanon. They began, like any immigrants during that period, to join the growing economy and serve the community of Curacao.

With time, business grew and the second generation diversified throughout the Antillean Islands such as Aruba, Bonaire, and St. Marten, where they also began doing business. The family participated in different types of enterprise such as the retail and production of furniture, mattresses and mirrors, and also department stores.

Some of our companies have become part of the history of Curacao like Casa Nena N.V., which has been operating since 1959. We made a study and found that approximately 90% of the homes on the island have made use of the products and services of Casa Nena N.V, and Baroud family businesses.

Over the decades, we have experienced many changes in the economy of Curacao, and have adapted ourselves. With the coming of the third generation, and the new developments in the world and international trade, the family created Baroud Group, which deals in Real Estate, Project Development, Import & Export, and Trading.

Today, we consider ourselves a strong partner in the developing of the island of Curacao.